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A Moment With | Kara Rosenlund

A Moment With | Kara Rosenlund

Kara Rosenlund works in editoral campaigns where she blends her magical photography and stylist skills. She loves nothing more than to travel and discover new exotic destinations where she merges herself into the culture and landscape of a country, capturing the most honest and captivating photographs. Kara curates her own online print shop, photographing limited edition prints and has also recently launched KR Lifestyle Range of homeware products. Recently penned by UK interiors magazine 'A modern day Martha Stewart' - there really is no stopping this talented lady. 

Hi Kara, have you always worked in the creative field? Yes, I have always been in the creative fields and mostly as a photographer, with flirtations into antique dealing while living abroad, prop styling and sourcing - but I always find myself coming back to photography.

“I really love being able to connect with people from all walks of life and having a camera in my hand allows me to break down any barriers there may be and to go straight for the heart, to tell and feel their stories.”

Travel plays a big part in your work, what do you love most about travelling? The excitement and anticipation of going somewhere I've never been before - documenting with new eyes, I doubt I will ever take the thrill of those experiences for granted.Your favourite country? I try not to have a favourite, it really is wherever I find myself at the time, as it’s important to remain present and in the moment, as much as possible. Though, who am I kidding, if it’s not Australia, which I absolutely love, it's AFRICA! The diversity of countries, cultures, tribes, colours, crafts, I’m totally addicted. I always catch myself comparing the best experiences to those I have in Africa.

“I’m addicted to the fast-paced nature of being in a new place, the exhilaration of being on location, finding the shots and making the shots happen - I think it’s the curiosity which I thrive on.”

Where do you gather inspiration? Nature - the colour palettes, textures and patterns. When in doubt, I always go back to to nature to find the answers.

Kara Rosenlund  Light Bangle Stack | A collection of five natural horn bangles - made from ethically sources 100% natural polished cow horns

Kara Rosenlund Light Bangle Stack | A collection of five natural horn bangles - made from ethically sources 100% natural polished cow horns

What's your proudest achievement? Hands down my proudest achievement is running my own business. I love my business and I absolutely love what I do every day. I’m also incredibly proud of my Limited Edition Photographic Prints. They are collected all over the world, it’s the most heartfelt feeling to know people live with, celebrate and collect my works.

Where is your favourite destination in Brisbane? My favourite destination isn’t really just one location, it’s more of an experience…. here's my Saturday morning ritual, which I refer to as my Bermuda triangle of relic hunting: I begin by grabbing a coffee from Vieille Branche in Albion, before popping across to Newstead Antique Centre. From there I sweep to the Woolloongabba Antique Centre (with a quick visit to Cottage Garden Nursery), and finish off by heading over to Paddington Antiques. My favourite finds are antique woven baskets and old jewellery from Papua New Guinea.

Kara Rosenlund Wilder Photographic Print  | An image captured by Kara on the Victorian surf coast.

Kara Rosenlund Wilder Photographic Print | An image captured by Kara on the Victorian surf coast.

What do you love to do in your spare time? In my spare time you'll find me with my husband - by the ocean with a campfire and the bare basics. Nothing fancy, very fuss free. That’s how I really slow down and absorb the pace of the day-to-day craziness.

Your personal style - how does your aesthetic carry into your wardrobe and home? I’m really attracted to a timeless aesthetic, natural colours, tones and forms create an immediate sense of calm for me which I really value. 

“I love to fill my home with anything that is natural and from the earth, and this extends into my wardrobe - anything linen and leather is where it’s at for me.”

What's in store for you in 2017? LOTS of good stuff! I’m moving into a new exciting space… only bigger and better things will come from it. I’m releasing a new photographic print collection, which is very exciting. I’m working on a capsule collection of pieces for the home and travel, which are based around my favourite objects and pieces I’ve collected over the years. There are lots of exciting things are in the mix!

KR X Wootten Collab  leather bag

Thank you Kara! | Kara Rosenlund @kararosenlund

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