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A Moment With | Dina Broadhurst

A Moment With | Dina Broadhurst

If you're on Instagram, chances are you're following Dina Broadhurst. The popular Sydney-based photographer, stylist and designer, has caught much attention recently where she is pushing a few boundaries with her breathtaking and somewhat risqué photographs. Dina is a magnet for all things alluring and sensual, namely the female form - whether she is behind the camera shooting or featuring as a model in the photographs herself, Dina is truly at home in her own skin, celebrating beauty and sensuality in a brand new light.

Hi Dina, can you tell me about the journey to where you are today as an artist? I feel it's where I started very young and I have come full circle in my career. Everything I did in between, be it working in PR, makeup artistry and interior design, all added to my training as the artist I am today. 

Can you describe your creative process? My process is to collect images and pieces of everyday life and strip them of their original context or meaning, to create new compositions or contrasts, using layers from the real world, cutting, pasting, placing and cropping.

“I mix both analogue and digital imagery to find new ways of seeing - of exposing what’s inside me and my emotions.” 
Catch Me If You Can  by Dina Broadhurst.

Catch Me If You Can by Dina Broadhurst.

Is there one theme you keep returning to in your work? I always return to desire, allure, and what is beautiful. 

Where do you go for inspiration? I go within me as well as what's around me... relationships, experiences, nature, and the things I see and pass each and every day. 

Aside from photography, what are your passions? Food, art, travel, books and chairs.

What do you love most about photography and being behind the camera? I love the instant pleasure of freezing a moment, I love seeing the way light hits things and changes them. And I love discovering how a person behaves in front of the camera and the challenge of how to see them in a new light. 

“To see a new subject’s behaviour exude confidence and let their guard down or play a new character - it’s all so exciting.” 
Ladies In Waiting  by Dina Broadhurst.

Ladies In Waiting by Dina Broadhurst.

You feature in a lot of your photographs - can you tell me a little about this element to your work? Ideas always strike me at different times of the day and night - sometimes I am so inspired and excited I just want to run with it immediately! I started to photograph myself for this reason and also as a self documentation from when I was very young, I would photograph my body to see how it was changing and growing. A lot of my portraits are for self reflection both internally and externally. I often test ideas or places out on my own and when I stumble across them I use myself as the model and end up loving what I did and not wanting to go back to it another time. 

“Just being in the moment is so invigorating.”

In your photographs, you exude confidence and you’re so comfortable in your own skin - have you always been this way? I have always been comfortable in my skin and not ashamed of nudity and my sexuality. Confidence in my body came with time and age. I actually felt better about my shape and have had the most confidence in my body after I had my son.

How do you feel people respond to your photography? I think it gives them confidence and it makes them feel free. 

In some of your photographs you cover your model’s faces with flowers or glitter - how did this theme come about? There are so many elements in my photographs - this specific theme started out as a protection and a prompt for viewers to look for beauty within as well as physical beauty.  

“By covering things up, it turn’s out I was showing more.”
Two Minds  by Dina Broadhurst.

Two Minds by Dina Broadhurst.

What’s your most treasured item? My son.

What’s your proudest achievement? Everyday I am proud of being able to work with my passion.

Plastic Fantastic #1  by Dina Broadhurst.

Plastic Fantastic #1 by Dina Broadhurst.

Where is your favourite destination in Sydney? The beach, the sun and the sea is always my greatest pleasure. 

 What's in store for you in 2017? New shows and amazing collaborations - I look forward to each and every one for being able to work with like-minded people, surrounded by creative talents in many forms and being constantly inspired and challenged in new ways. 

Watermelon  by Dina Broadhurst.

Watermelon by Dina Broadhurst.

Thank you Dina! | Dina Broadhurst | @dinabroadhurst

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