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A Moment With | Megan Morton

A Moment With | Megan Morton

Megan Morton is a true inspiration. One of my first jobs working as a junior stylist was under her wing and I was always in awe of her magnetic energy, abundant creatively and effervesant personality. In the styling world, everything Megan touches turns to gold - perhaps something to do with her passion and love of the industry she works in. Today Megan runs The School, a creative studio where she offers tuition from the best designers and craftspeople in the industry, including herself. She is also the author of four interior books and styles some incredible interior campaigns. Her current book, 'It's Beautiful Here' is a collection of her all-time favourite spaces - I caught up with Megan to find out what she treasures the most and what really makes a home beautiful?

Hi Megan, have you always worked in the creative industry? I started working at Dolly Magazine when I was 18.  I arrived there largely unannounced from a rural place in Queensland and worked for them for free until a job came up. I invented the Dolly Club - it was a love in for teens; all inclusive, all fun club and it started something big for the business and for the readers. I went on to work this same model in other magazine businesses, and although I have been a stylist for a long time and worked major campaigns, this inclusive spirit is what drives The School. 

Styling by Megan at  The School .

Styling by Megan at The School.

What do you love most about what you do? That I get to work with nature, artists, writers and people who are all using their big talents. 

Where do you go for inspiration - is there ever any shortage? I try not to drink from the same fountain as everyone else. I read a lot. Actually I read anything I can get my hands on.  

“I find that inspiring this side of my brain - with words over pictures, allows use of my imagination to develop new ideas, instead of looking to others work to copy.”
Styling snapshot from  The School .

Styling snapshot from The School.

What has been your career highlight? It is yet to come.

When it comes to your personal style - how does your aesthetic carry into your wardrobe? I dress largely like Dame Edna!  I don’t do casual well - I am more comfortable with volume.

What is your ultimate indulgence? Having a day where I don't drive! This could mean walking around my little village, swimming, reading, resting or exercising my new favourite thing - 'mindlessness' -  not to compete with its useful sister 'mindfulness'... it's the idea of just doing the things that you really love in a semi-slovenly way!  In fact, I will be giving mindless exercises with Vanessa Holden during her Soul Safari tour.  

What do you love to do most in your downtime? All the slow things- making proper coffee, listening to records and reading. 

“What makes a home beautiful? The people. It is always the people.”
Megan's latest book,  It's Beautiful Here .

Megan's latest book, It's Beautiful Here.

What is your greatest passion? As this is a creative blog space and not political I will spare you my political views and passions about asylum seekers!  It's all interrelated because with a home, no one can operate, which is why I genuinely love showing, teaching and debunking interiors and styling. Styling has given me the greatest pleasure at my lowest points and I believe it to be one of the important applied arts!

“I love teaching people what I know because once you learn it, it’s something no one can take away from you.” 
Extracts from Megan's latest book,  It's Beautiful Here .

Extracts from Megan's latest book, It's Beautiful Here.

How has your style changed throughout the years, from when you first starting styling? My personal style has gone through many incarnations! 

“My work style has always been about truth and beauty - finding the best in houses and spaces and bringing them out.”
Extracts from Megan's latest book,  It's Beautiful Here .

Extracts from Megan's latest book, It's Beautiful Here.

What’s your most treasured item? My three children. 

What are you loving right now? I love gin at Archie Rose, I love Paris and planning my Paris Styling Excursion there in September for Maison Object and Paris Design Week. I love my new Mercedes Vito van so I can prop shop and style all at once! I love vintage Murano lighting from Nicolas and Alistair, Ru Paul's Drag Race. And I love playing vinyl on my Gramovox record player. I love dying my clothes in beautiful colours. I love stove top espressos in my Equator Hermes cups. I love fruit trees in zinc pots. I love India.

Tell me about your latest book - what can we expect? Homes and spaces that will make your heart skip a beat. Truly. I still can’t believe all those delicious houses are in the one book - I am super-proud of this book. 

Thank you Megan! | The School | @megan_morton

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