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A Moment With | Lucy Folk

A Moment With | Lucy Folk

Designer Lucy Folk's love for design was ignited at a very young age. She has spent most of her life revelling in the joy of creating and designing pieces for others to enjoy. An avid traveller, Lucy uses her time abroad, which can sometimes be for months at a time, to absorb herself in different cultures, gather inspiration and nourish her creativity. Armed with a voracious appetite for art, food, travel and design - Lucy's creations are focused on pure fun. Her joyful accessories and jewellery ooze creativity and originality, making them serious wearable pieces of art. I caught up with Lucy to talk all things design, what she loves most about her job and what's in store for her this year.

Hi Lucy, tell me about the journey to where you are today - have you always worked in the creative field? 100% creative. I am no academic. Everyone in my family is creative; artist, hospitality, interior designer, fashion designer, photographer and an illustrator. We are all hell bent on art! 

What first ignited your love for design and in particular designing accessories and jewellery? My upbringing was very colourful. Our house was full of Mexican Folk Art and I used to spend time with my grandfather looking at books on all sorts of topics. 

“I loved making something I could wear and this first began in kindergarten when I made necklaces out of pasta!”

When it comes to your personal style how does your aesthetic carry into your wardrobe? I love to layer and wear bold colours that you see in my work. I am dripping in jewels. I am quite daring, I like a statement piece. I prefer comfort though. I don’t dress sexy!

You have a passion for travelling - why is it so important to you? It's important to understand the context of art and the cities that have inspired so many. To see what the world’s most prestigious and innovative designers are creating. From architecture, to art and fashion. I think you value your place in this world a lot more when you have travelled and understand more about your culture and other cultures. 

“You appreciate why we are on this earth and what a fabulous place it can be.”
Lucy Folk  Pearl Choker  in Gold. 

Lucy Folk Pearl Choker in Gold. 

Your favourite travel destination? Difficult to say. There are so many. Tokyo is incredibly fun and I find it so foreign and wild. I always come back full of ideas. I adore Morocco. I have spent time in Marrakech mostly but the vibrancy is electric! Formentera to relax…the list goes on and on.

“I adore travel - I don’t think many people use their suitcases as much as me.”

Where do you go for inspiration - is there any shortage? There is no shortage. I travel far and wide for inspiration but I can find inspiration everywhere, from a bathroom tile to what is on my plate! 

What do you love most about what you do? My team and the travel. I do enjoy wearing the jewels I must say! 

Creatively, what’s one theme you keep returning to? I am heavily inspired by art. I just went to the opening of the Venice Biennale and the shapes and forms of some of the more sculptural works are definitely something I continue to draw upon. 

Lucy Folk  Fly Away Sunglasses .

Your Cocktail Clutch is absolutely beautiful - what was the inspiration behind this design? A sugar cube! I was in the midst of designing my Sugar collection and found this store that sold these beads and I played around with some forms and we created this clutch. It's become a signature piece of the brand.

Do you have a design process? Yes I choose a theme inspired by something I have found on my travels, then I start to collect imagery and relatable samples, then I sketch, we make samples, we do a MAP and voila…that is how we work on a collection. I work closely with Craig Spark to design the jewels. We have been on team Folk together for around 8 years. 

What are 5 things you are loving right now? Paris, Yellow, Ettore Sottsass, Marrakech and Interior Design. 

Lucy in her Playa by Lucy Folk Bondi Beach store. 

Lucy in her Playa by Lucy Folk Bondi Beach store. 

What’s in store for you in 2017? Well I am currently in Paris for 5 months. Then back home to hopefully open a new store. Weekends away to all sorts of fun destinations in Europe. The ability to speak French by the end of the 5 months would be great! We are adding different product categories by the minute and I am focusing on some key collaborations over here.

“It’s all pretty damn exciting!”

Thank you Lucy! | Lucy Folk @lucy_folk

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