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A Moment With | Lisa Messenger

A Moment With | Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger is unstoppable. She has a knack for taking on projects with more passion and drive than thought possible. She is an Author, Publisher, a Speaker and Founder of Collective Hub, a multi-platform publication. For us, the most inspiring trait that Lisa holds is her overflowing positivity and drive to succeed - and also share all this with others to nurture and follow their dreams. 

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Hi Lisa, what first ignited your passion for the publishing industry? I saw a gap in the market. There was so much straight business stuff out there at one end of the spectrum. And at the other a lot of daily gossip.  Being surrounded by so many extraordinary entrepreneurs in my own life I wanted to create something inspirational and aspirational that showcased the story behind the story and was both relatable and attainable. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Getting to see how much Collective Hub impacts our community!

We love your endless enthusiasm and passion for what you do - have you always been this way? To a degree. But it is definitely the harder times and the adversity that has given me the strength to get where I am. I find that we always have a choice – we cannot control what comes at us, but we can choose how we react to it. Nowadays I choose to use the hard times to fuel me and propel me forward. 

“Contributing to the visual world we live in is so exciting - i wouldn’t want to do anything else with my life.”

Where do you go for inspiration? I try to purposefully put myself in spaces, places and situations that are counterintuitive to my norm. This could be as easy as visiting a new suburb or getting off the beaten track.

“Inspiration is everywhere if you are open to it... It’s largely about getting comfortable being uncomfortable and pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits.”

What motivates you? I want to ignite human potential and live my life out loud showing that anything is possible. So, whatever gets me there motivates me. Seeing the impact, we have on the lives of others gives me huge strength and motivation. Even when times are tough (and they are – often) I just think "who on earth am I to not keep going now?". I’m passionate about helping others to see and live their greatest potential.

What do you do to recharge and unwind? I spend a lot of time on my own with my dog Benny and in nature. Whilst I display very extraverted characteristics, I love alone time. 

You have pushed many boundaries and had extraordinary success with Collective magazine in a relatively short time - what would you say has been the secret to this success? Tenacity. Resilience. A vision. Knowing my why. A kick arse team.

How do you measure success? If I feel happy and excited and want to jump out of bed every morning. It’s never been about the money and it never will be. Not ever.

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What’s your strongest value when it comes to work ethic? Honesty.  Authenticity. Vulnerability. Loyalty.

Your proudest moment? Really it’s when I see one of our community break down in tears and tell me how far they’ve come with their vision or dreams. When they say that Collective Hub or I have helped them get there it just drops me to my knees.

“This is what it’s all about. Lifting each other higher.”

What’s your biggest tip for someone going out on a limb, changing their career and following their dreams? Just start. Don’t over-engineer it. Just believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to build up your resilience and personal belief, confidence and self esteem. Once you know your why, the how has a way of working itself out

What are you loving at the moment? Lorna Janes new book, Love You , an iced latte every morning, spin classes - I can’t get enough of them!, planning my next overseas trip – Iceland is on the horizon and snuggling up with my partner for lazy weekends.

Your perfect day? No day is ever the same. I love what I get to do every day. But the absolute perfect day starts and ends with my beautiful partner in life. He is my absolute everything.

What’s in store for you next? We’re growing and growing but after almost 5 years of being at the Helm of Collective Hub myself, its time to bring on board investors and smart people to grow to the next level.

+ Lisa Messenger's latest book Purpose is out now. 

Thank you Lisa! | Collective Hub @lisamessenger

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