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Art Talk | George Byrne

Art Talk | George Byrne

George Byrne's photographic work makes my heart skip a beat. Using the urban Los Angeles landscape as his canvas, George captures forms and colour into unique compositions so they have an incredible alchemy and depth. His latest exhibition, NEW ORDER, includes twelve new works, capturing new compositions of color and geometric forms on the streets of LA - once again taking the ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary.

Blue Awning With Yellow  by  George Byrne .

Blue Awning With Yellow by George Byrne.

Hi George, your eye for composition is incredible - how has it developed over time? Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say – I’ve definitely always enjoyed working on composition, I find it such a mysterious art. In terms of development, I’d say over time I’ve just gotten more sure-footed and open to pushing things in slightly different more expressive directions, especially with regards to the NEW ORDER work.

Bob Marley  by  George Byrne .

Bob Marley by George Byrne.

“I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of the more benign, urban and industrial spaces - i’ve seen beauty in them since i was a kid.”
Bus Station Chinatown  by  George Byrne .

Bus Station Chinatown by George Byrne.

You find the magic in the everyday - what is it about these moments that you find so alluring? It’s hard to know exactly, I’ve always just been drawn to it. Maybe it’s the egalitarian values that were drilled into me as a kid!

“Not all urban spaces interest me in the same way - LA has a very particular combination of elements that makes it a great place to work.”
White Billboard  by  George Byrne .

White Billboard by George Byrne.

Peach Wall with Purple  by  George Byrne .

Peach Wall with Purple by George Byrne.

What’s one theme you always return to in your work? I love the idea of reclassifying purely functional, less ‘looked at’ locations and really exploring the textures and surfaces in ways that challenge my perception. 

Washington Boulevard  by  George Byrne .

Washington Boulevard by George Byrne.

“Besides the fact the sunlight is tinted with the color of liquid gold, what’s most inspiring about the LA landscape is that it’s littered with these beautiful ready-made vignettes of color and form, and it’s everywhere.”
Corner Composition Palm Springs  by  George Byrne .

Corner Composition Palm Springs by George Byrne.

Thank you George! | George Byrne @george_byrne

NEW ORDER by George Byrne  
September 15th to October 8th
Olsen Gruin New York
30 Orchard Street, New York, NY, 10002.

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