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The Two of Us | Poppy Lane + Scott Gibson

The Two of Us | Poppy Lane + Scott Gibson

Partners Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson had a dream - to one day create a business where they could combine their creative talents. It was in 2012 when they made their dream a reality, funnelling together their design knowledge and experience to open Pop & Scott, a design destination like no other, where a community of like-minded makers come together to create furniture and homewares. Here, we catch-up with the pair to discuss their union and find out more about their creative journey.


Hi Poppy and Scott, tell us about when and how you first met? Poppy: We first met in a bar in Prahran! We had a pretty wild weekend together and we have not been apart since.

How did the journey to start a business together first come about? Scotty and I always wanted to run our own business, we always had heaps of creative ideas and started Pop & Scott as a way to get those ideas out into the world. A big part of the start of Pop & Scott was about creating a community of like-minded makers. We always envisioned that the workshop would be shared with lots of small businesses. 

“In the beginning I would run floristry workshops and Scotty would run wood working workshops to pay the rent, but quickly the furniture side of our business grew and before we knew it - it was a full time job.”

What’s the best part about working with your partner? Poppy: I can get a lift to work easily! No, the best part is that we get to see our ideas come life.

“It’s pretty great getting to share those moments with your best mate and partner.”

What’s your main focus when creating products for the store? Scott: The most important thing for us is that it’s something we are inspired to make, we want it to have function at the core of the design but it must also be beautiful and timeless, so the piece can be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

The  Plush Dreamer Couch  in Rose Pink Velvet from  Pop & Scott .

The Plush Dreamer Couch in Rose Pink Velvet from Pop & Scott.

What inspires you the most? Poppy: Nature, our family and friends. We are fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible creative community who are constantly inspiring me. 

How would you best describe your style at Pop and Scott? Poppy: I don't know how to describe our style, it's like tying to describe your own personality. What we create is just an extension of who we are as people. 

What does design mean to you? Scott: Design is the language between objects and people. 

What do you love most about your job? Poppy: Being able to spend our day with our awesome crew. It is a fun place to work and we love the people we have here helping us make this business what it is. 

The Wexler Pot from  Pop & Scott .

The Wexler Pot from Pop & Scott.

How do you switch off from work? Is it hard to separate work life from your private life as a couple? Poppy: Yes! We are together everyday – work and home life are very intertwined. We have two young kids so it’s a time where we are constantly tuned into each other.

Poppy - what’s Scott’s greatest strength? I love his ability to see something with a practical and logical brain, he can take my designs and workshop them so that they become the best version of what the design could be. 

Scott - what do you admire most about Poppy? I love her ability to be creative, she has a million and one ideas at any one time so we’re mostly just trying to find the time to make them a reality.




I usually wake up at: 6am.

My perfect day would involve: Making an omelette for breakfast with a pot of coffee. Slowly get the kids ready fo a nice big bush walk and a swim. Coming home to pop on a pasta sauce and then potter in the garden for a while. End the day with a bowl of spaghetti and a few too many wines.  

I am inspired by: Nature.

Best advice I’ve ever received: Mistakes are a positive learning curve. 

I couldn’t live without: My kids.

My favourite daily ritual: A bath with my kids.

I recently discovered: Pet Nat - a natural wine.

On my wish-list: More trees to be planted.

I’m currently reading: Modern Love the Reeds of Heidi and Reki Healing Energy.

And listening to: Nina Simone. 

My guilty pleasure: I don’t feel guilty about anything that gives me pleasure!

My mantra is: I surrender - I am held. 

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