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Art Talk | ARTCLUB by  Heidi Middleton

Art Talk | ARTCLUB by Heidi Middleton

ARTCLUB is Heidi Middleton’s exciting new venture - a sustainable, creative platform that celebrates art, slow fashion, vintage and collaborative projects. Forget fast fashion, ARTCLUB is all about slowing down, savouring, adoring and then passing beautiful pieces on, in the hope the cycle continues over and over again. We’re thrilled to catch up with Heidi to find out why she feels so strongly about being gentle to our planet, how ARTCLUB is fostering this sustainable passion and her powerful connection to the world of art and fashion, which have been a constant in her life since she was a little girl.

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Hi Heidi, did you grow up knowing you wanted to work as a creative? When I was about 9 or 10, I wanted to be an Architect and would spend hours drawing floor plans and houses. Then I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, then to work in fashion. 

When did you first come into contact with modern art? Probably around the age of 12, visiting Paris and its vast array of galleries. That’s when I first discovered Miro, Picasso, Kandinsky and the Russian avant-garde. It made a lasting impression. I remember on that same trip learning about the ceramicist Clarisse Cliff - my mum’s friend was a collector. 

How did you respond to it that first time? It definitely stirred something inside of me. I moved to Paris as an 18 year old and used to visit the Rodin Gallery Gardens and draw the sculptures. I would also sit in my favourite Park, Parc Moncea to draw. 


How did the idea for ARTCLUB first spark? I moved to France for 4 years after selling Sass & Bide. It was there that I took a studio and started creating again - painting, drawing, photography and collage. I had the luxury of time to sit with my thoughts and play with different ideas.... I knew I wanted to make things again and share them with people. 

“I felt strongly about creating in a way that was gentle on the planet and respectful to people.”

I wanted to include the best elements of creating but let go of the pressures and constraints of big business. I felt that the old fashion business model wasn’t conducive to optimising creativity. I wanted ARTCLUB to be about the pure essence of creating. I also wanted to build a community of like-minded people that could enjoy and partake in ARTCLUB. 

As an artist, did it take some time to hone in on your aesthetic? It did take some experimentation and play.... probably a couple of years before it took off on its own clear path, which of course is ever evolving.

For you, what is the main connection between art and fashion? On the more pure end of the spectrum (as opposed to fast fashion and derivative art) both are creative expression and they can quite easily cross over into each other’s realms.

“I know from personal experience that the fashion I create and the art that I make, sit naturally together and almost feed off each other. ”

What’s your process like? Are you in the studio every day? I’m in the studio most days, either to paint or have meetings about fashion. My creative process is pretty haphazard as I’m always jumping between the art, designing fashion, gathering content for our site. I also enjoy making props for shoots. I’m about to lock myself away to paint for 10 weeks. 

Does it matter where you work? Are there certain environments that have an effect on your creativity? Yes. I don’t like too many people around when I paint and therefore I often paint from home. I just need music and good light. I get distracted easily and procrastinate a lot, but it seems to come together in the end. As for the fashion, I’ll sketch in books or quite often on paper napkins in cafes or planes. I need to get the idea down before it floats away.


Is there a creative or aesthetic thread which ties your work together? I guess this element of dichotomy and contradiction is seen in all things I create, whether its interiors, art, fashion or other’s expressions.

What ideas are you working on at the moment? I’m fine tuning some collaborations for later in the year and as mentioned I’m about to start on a new body of art. We are also organising our first ARTCLUB Vintage Dinner Party and ARTCLUB Salon - the studio doors open to the public each Thursday.

+ ARTCLUB Salon opens its doors for the first time today. Details below.



My perfect day would involve: Paint, the ocean and my girls. 

I am most inspired by: Love.

Best advice I’ve ever received: Nothing good comes easy.

I couldn’t live without: My daughters. 

My favourite daily ritual:  Fresh sardines on toast. 

I’m currently listening to:  Phoenix.

My mantra is: Be love.

10am - 7pm
85 Dunning Avenue, Rosebery NSW
Drop in to hang, chat, style and buy.

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