Quai Aux Fleurs by Fleur Delesalle


Named after the street on which it sits that runs along the northern edge of River Seine, this chic Parisian family apartment can be found on Île Saint-Louis around the corner from Notre Dame Cathedral.  

Words: Thida Sachathep I Photography: Vincent Leroux


Being the house of a gallery owner, the interiors of Quai Aux Fleurs acts as a backdrop for furnishings, decor and art. The Parisian white walls and ceilings is a mix of creamy white with a touch of an almost-imperceptible dose of pink and the curtains hang high to emphasise the height of the ceiling. The abundance of natural light that showers in through the large windows reflect off the surfaces of the furnishings. 


The ‘modern-meets-traditional-meets-minimalistic’ look of this apartment owes to the use of pastel colours that have been layered with deeper tones – a reference to the Art Deco style most popular in Paris during the 1920’s. This is evident with the use of a bold kitchen island bench, a marble fireplace and the burnt orange study that subtly contrast with the light silvery-grey carpet. As a nod to the heritage of the building, the fireplace has been retained but repainted white for a modern eminence. 

There is a lightness in the composition of the entire apartment – which has been supplemented by strong colour accents within a subdued material palette.
The understated touches of colour in Quai Aux Fleurs displays Fleur Delesalle’s stylistic adaptability.

Layering becomes a motif apparent throughout the house. The living room comprises various textures such as leather, velvet and metal polished surfaces, adding richness into an otherwise minimalistic aesthetic.