The Finca Es Bec d'Aguila by Atelier Du Pont


As one of Mallorca’s latest luxury stays, The Finca Es Bec d’Aguila may just well be our ultimate dream location.

Photography: Courtesy of Atelier Du Pont


Atelier du Pont are a Paris-based architecture and interior design studio who have led a series of award-winning international projects ranging from Sardinia and Morocco to Dubai. Their latest venture has landed them in the Mediterranean, on the island of Menorca, designing the Finca Es Bec d’Aguila hotel.

The story of Es Bec d'Aguila (translated as Eagle’s Beak) started in the 19th century when a family of Menorcan merchants built their weekend getaway on the top of a hill surrounded by the beautiful pastoral countryside. The family would come to enjoy the wildlife, hunt and to entertain on the property. Acquired recently by its current owners, the property has been brought back to its bygone splendour with elements of classical Minorcan architecture and rediscovered hidden charms such as a beautifully landscaped garden, authentic vaulted ceilings and Cuban handmade tiles.

While the exterior pays homage to the traditional palette of the region, Atelier du Pont has playfully used colour internally, applying a soft and textured colour palette throughout.

Atelier Du Pont has made use of the areas local, natural materials and building methods, incorporating dry stone walls, marès stone, white and coloured lime, terracotta, tiled floors and soft furnishings. A main design feature in the space are the original vaulted ceilings which mimic the traditional architecture and interiors of the Mediterranean. The ground floor of the property exudes a Menorcan atmosphere with vaulted ceilings and white washed walls, while in contrast, the second floor is discrete and minimalistic - an ideal retreat from the rest of the hotel interior.

The Finca is surrounded by nature and is a reflection of the tradition and the refinement of the Mediterranean world.
Only ten kilometres from the nearest beach, Es Bec d’Aguila is nestled on sixty hectares of land in the heart of Menorca