City Guide | Copenhagen


Full of history, art, fashion and diverse culture, join us as we explore the city where the preferred mode of transport is the humble push bike.


Osteria 16

Osteria 15 is a quaint 35-seater restaurant which has a seasonally-evolving eight-dish antipasti menu. Italian in both temperament and taste - all dishes are made from scratch using only freshly imported Italian produce. The restaurant is a hop away from sister restaurant Spaghetteria, which serves up the most incredible pasta you’ll ever eat.

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Haderslevgade 16, 1671, Copenhagen, Denmark3515 Wilshire


Stine Goya

This playful Danish fashion label is located in Copenhagen’s Østerbro neighbourhood. Belonging to acclaimed fashion designer Stine Goya, the interior is washed in Goya’s signature shade of rose and peach, and pretty as a picture.

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Østerbrogade, 46, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Courtesy of Stine Goya



Owned by Danish couple Sara and David Andersen, Sonny has grown into a coffee bar which is a firm neighbourhood favourite. Regulars gather for the coffee, salads and rugbrød sandwiches and enjoy the sunshine in the café’s quaint backyard.

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Rådhusstræde 5, 1466, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Lasse Fløde + Philip Nordin


Hotel Sanders

Founded by Danish ballet dancer Alexander Kølpin, Hotel Sanders is a boutique hotel reflecting its opulent surroundings - the Royal Danish Theatre and the Opera House, are only moments away. Located in a heritage building, the space was previously the decadent Hotel Opera. Today it’s the paean to Danish midcentury design, brought to life in a palette of olives, creams and ochre.

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Tordenskjoldsgade 159, 1055, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Sanders


Frama Studio Store

Located in Copenhagen’s historic row house district of Nyboder, Frama Studio Store is the showroom of Scandinavian interiors and product design agency Frama. Located in what was once St. Paul’s Apotek, a 19th-century apothecary still fitted with original oak pharmaceutical cabinets, the store houses an assortment of furniture, lighting and homeware items.

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Fredericiagade 57, 1310, Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo: Courtesy of Frama